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Being hurt on someone else’s property in Florida can be devastating. It can cause a lot of confusion on what to do next, how medical bills will be paid, and if you’ll be able to continue to work. If the injury could have been prevented, you may be able to hold the property owner responsible. 

Those injured must understand Florida’s premises liability law to prove the owner was negligent. For the best outcome, seek out a Boca Raton premises liability lawyer with Dyson Law, PLLC. We have the tools you need to recover from a complex case and get the compensation you’re due for your losses. 

Florida’s Premises Liability Laws 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their own property. They should keep the area in safe condition. If you’re lawfully on the property, you can expect safe conditions within reason. Florida’s premises liability laws apply to both businesses and private residences. 

The duties of private owners differ from those of business owners. Those visiting these premises are categorized depending on their reason for visiting. Which classification you fall under while injured will make a difference in how much obligation falls on the premises owner. 

What Is an Invitee?

If you walk onto a property and conduct business, you’re classified automatically as an invitee. That means you’re welcome to be on that property, leading you to be on that property as long as it’s for lawful reasons. This status is given to those lawfully visiting the following places, among others:

  • Grocery store 
  • Bar or restaurant 
  • Shopping mall 
  • Sports stadium
  • Hospital
  • Hotel 
  • Business office 
  • Apartment complex 

A higher standard of care is expected of business owners. They have a duty to:

  • Provide adequate warnings for hazardous conditions 
  • Maintain the property and keep it in safe condition within reason 
  • Uncover hidden dangers by regularly inspecting the premises

This also applies to slip-and-fall accidents within businesses. If there is a temporary substance that is slipped on, the business owner is liable if they should have known of the spill. 

This knowledge could be actual or constructive. Constructive knowledge is when the owner knows because the spill happens frequently and it could have been foreseeable. Talk to your lawyer about seeking compensation if you’re hurt as an invitee. 


Guests visiting an establishment that are social guests, such as visiting a friend’s home for dinner, are classified as licensees. Licensees and invitees have the same rights, with some exceptions. 

Personal property owners do not have to conduct regular inspections of their property. If you’re there for social reasons, identifying these hidden dangers is not necessary. Because of this, your options for suing may not be as clear-cut, and you may need to discuss your options with your attorney before taking action. 


These are individuals who come to the property illegally without permission from the property owner. The property owner, in these instances, does not have any duty of care for those who trespass. They cannot be held liable for any injuries that may occur according to Florida’s premises liability laws

There are caveats to trespassers, however. If the trespassers are children, the property owner can still be held liable for keeping them safe. Children may not be able to read warning signs, for example, and are not held to the same standards as adults. 

Seek Help From a Boca Raton Premises Liability Lawyer 

If you find that you’ve been injured while on another party’s property, it is best to reach out to a knowledgeable law office. They can offer more insight into what is expected if you’re looking to file a claim. Contact Dyson Law, PLLC today to seek compensation for the damages you’ve sustained in an accident. 

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