Has Your Insurance Company Denied Your Long-Term Disability Claim?


Long-term disability (LTD) insurance generally provides a portion of income to people injured or sick who cannot work for an extended amount of time after Short-term disability ends. Unfortunately, some people find that their insurance provider denies their LTD claim, which can happen for various reasons. If this has happened to you or you have... Read More

What Are Your Rights in a High-End Property Damage Dispute?


Insuring high-end items like yachts, planes, businesses, and homes should provide you with peace of mind. Your insurance policy should compensate you if your property is damaged due to a natural disaster or another unforeseen event.  Unfortunately, countless South Floridians file legitimate claims only to have them denied. You should not have to pay to... Read More

Dyson Law, PLLC Releases FREE Pain & Suffering Tracker


DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – Personal Injury Attorney Peter Dyson of Dyson Law, PLLC is pleased to announce the release of a FREE tool designed to help injured people receive the most compensation possible for pain and suffering in the aftermath of an accident. The Pain & Suffering Tracker, now available on their website, is designed... Read More